The Program

Discover your space at ESA BIC Padua

ESA BIC Padua offers technical, business and financial support to startups that use space technology for terrestrial applications.


All incubated start-ups will receive EUR 50K non-dilutive funding (zero-equity) to be used for product development and intellectual property rights. 

The EUR 50K grants are provided by ESA and local supporters.

Business support

All incubated start-ups will receive business development support and advice. Access to a network of mentors will also be granted.

The business support activities involve:

Technical support

All incubated start-ups will receive 80 hours of technical support (free of charge), from industry and research experts.

The technical support will be provided in different ways, such as:

  • consultancy services to the start-ups provided by professors and specialists on specific topics.
  • A privileged channel for accessing dedicated infrastructures and labs will be established for the start-ups that might have specific needs for developing and/or testing protypes in relevant environments.
  • Ad-hoc development support. 

IPR support

All incubated start-ups will receive 10 hours (free of charge) of IPR and legal support.

IPR consulting will be provided by ESA BIC Padua partnering supporters.

Officina Stellare and its partners will support the start-ups in defining their legal strategies, for example in the interaction with law firms and selected patent attorneys specialized in IPR.  

National & international reach

Incubated start-ups will benefit from a direct connection to the Italian Space Agency and its activities in support of entepreneurship. Start-ups will also join the European network of ESA BIC excellence, a gateway to a wide array of opportunities for the development of space connected ventures.

Business matchmaking

Incubated start-ups will benefit from the support of a large pool of companies committed to providing opportunities for the integration of the innovative products and services in international value chains.

Science and innovation network

Incubated start-ups will have access to a large pool of italian research and innovation centers that have strong technological competences for space solutions and have joined the ESA BIC Padua program.


Incubated start-ups will be admitted free of charge to training sessions and opportunities offered by the ESA Commercialization Gateway and the ESA BIC network.


Officina Stellare and StartCube Facilities

Depending on the specific needs, start-ups might leverage onto Officina Stellare assets as:

Facilities for
environmental testing

Facilities for
optical testing

Optical manufacturing

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