offers a tailored incubation program

based on the technology and business model development stages

Why should you apply as a start-up?

Financial Support​

Up to EUR 50k in non-dilutive funding

Technical Support

Up to 80 hours by experts from Industry and Research

Business Support

Up to 50 hours of business support and 10 hours of legal support

Partner Network

Access to a broad network of business and research partners

ESA Network

Access to ESA Network and facilities and European ESA BIC network

Community Building

Networking with start-up peers and access to Impact Hubs in Italy and EU countries

Who can apply?

To apply to the program:

  1. You have an innovative (and validated) idea based on space technology or data
  2. You don’t have a prototype* or market introduction, but you have a viable Business Plan
  3. Your company is not older than 5 years or needs to be founded yet
  4. You are a citizen of an ESA member state and at least one member is resident in Italy.
  5. Your company is or will be registered in Italy, with at least one member resident in Italy

*If you already have a prototype-in-progress internally, that is fine.

How do I apply?

The call is permanently open. The selection and evaluation of applications are scheduled periodically with deadlines  published on this website.

In order to apply, follow these few easy steps:

Complete your application by filling in the following documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Business Plan
  • Incubation Proposal
  • Related appendices

Wait for confirmation, as all proposals are first reviewed on formal requirements by the Tender Opening Board. This will be done within a week after the application deadline.

If confirmed, pitch your Business Plan and present your company to the Tender Evaluation Board.

In case of approval, sign the incubation contract and get ready to work with us!

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