About ESA BIC Padua

In the frame of ESA’s Commercialization Gateway, part of its thriving Europe-wide network of Business Incubation Centres, ESA BIC Padua combines strong entrepreneurial spirit, commercial and institutional Space market hands-on experience, a network of international relations with  ties to the local landscape and incubation skills.

Regional institutions and private entities support incubated start-ups with technical expertise and facilities, business support, networking and funding needed to overcome innovation challenges and accelerate business growth. Access to office space is also offered.

Discover who’s behind ESA BIC Padua

Officina stellare host ESABIC Padua - business incubator centre of ESA

Officina Stellare highly values the support to startups offering products and services based on space related technologies and considers this mission as a key element to advance the economy, promote innovation and, ultimately, benefitting the society.

The Galileo Visionary District Science Park is the operational and institutional reference point for innovative, cutting-edge projects and digital transformation in the Veneto region and the North-East area.



Institutional partners provide financial support for the activities of the start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Padua. In addition to the contribution of ESA and ASI, also Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Verona e Vicenza and Officina Stellare S.p.A will provide financial support for the operations.


Business and Management coaching partners will support the incubated start-ups along the two years incubation path.


Universities, Science and Research institutes will support with dedicated access to major scientific skills and resources for technology development.


ESA BIC Padua is connected to a network of organizations, large companies and innovative SMEs to deliver technical support, coaching and mentoring activities to facilitate incubatees in developing and deliver their projects successfully.



ESA BIC Padua is supported by Partners with strong start-ups investments background, who, on a case by case, will support start-ups seeking acceleration and capital injections. They are specialized in different stages of entrepreneurial finance (from seed funding to growth capital).


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